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Blasting Music

Now for a real update

Ona and I went to the Outlet mall today. We took beavis and butthead (A.K. A. Cassandra and Chelsie). We had a lot of fun. Ona spoiled me rotten. She got herself shoes though. I was surprised, very surprised, but I was proud of her too. She needed them, but won't often buy things for herself. She got me some really cute, really sweet things. She's so amazing.  I really love  her. We talked last night and a little today about things I mentioned in my last entry and my fears and whatnot. She assured me that I had nothing to fear, but there are some fears that I just can't control. We talked about Charity as well. Apparently she has been hearing things from people. I told her that there is nothing to worry about, but she is going to worry none the less. I don't want the drama. If people are going to start shit i'm not letting it get to me, but if it gets to her it's going to get to me. I can't handle her hurting. *sigh* I hope this doesn't get blown out of proportion again. I would love to be able to have a civil friendship with Charity without it affecting my relationship.

Niki called last night wanting us to play with ouija board. I was shocked. We didn't go though. We had just rented movies. We got the Grudge, Moulin Rouge, Chasing Liberty, and Silence of the lambs. So we still of course have movies to watch tonight. We kind of need to watch three because even though Moulin Rouge was playing last night we didn't actually watch it. (winks) Ona picked up a couple of new card games today so we'll probably play them while watching one of the movies tonight. We did make it through the Grudge yesterday though, it was good. Good, but scary.

Well, my baby is home so suddenly lj is insignificant.


*i love you angel eyes*


Blasting Music

April 2006

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